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elFinder is a jQuery web file manager providing standard features -such as uploading, moving, renaming files etc-, as well as a set of advanced features such as image resizing/cropping/rotation and archive file creation.

yawd-elfinder provides a fully-featured python/django implementation for the elfinder connector v.2. A custom Model Field (tied to a nice form widget) is also provided. Therefore, you can easily manage your local and remote files through the Django admin interface, assign them to model fields and access the file URLs in your Django templates.


Django version compatibility

The following yawd-elfinder versions might also work with other Django releases (older or newer), however such combinations are NOT tested.

yawd-elfinder v0.80.16: Django v.1.4.1
yawd-elfinder v0.90.00: Django v 1.4.2
yawd-elfinder v0.90.01: Django v.1.4.2
yawd-elfinder v0.90.03: Django v.1.4.5


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