yawd-elfinder can manage local files but also use Django filesystem storages to connect to remote filesystems.

Volume drivers

Volume drivers are python classes that yawd-elfinder uses to connect to various file systems. yawd-elfinder right now implements two distinct volume drivers.

The first one is elfinder.volumes.filesystem.ElfinderVolumeLocalFileSystem. This driver handles files stored in the local file system. Both the default and image optionsets that are pre-configured in yawd-elfinder use this driver to communicate with the file system.

The second driver is This driver is able to connect to any filesystem using Django filesystem storages. Please note that django storages are not originally designed for managing the full filesystem, but for managing files. Therefore some operations like removing directories may be disabled when using this driver. Especially for removing directories yawd-elfinder allows you to define an rmDir callback that will be used to provide the functionality based on your storage of choice.


You can manage local files using both the elfinder.volumes.filesystem.ElfinderVolumeLocalFileSystem. and drivers. However the first one is recommended, since it is implemented with the elfinder functionality in mind.

Simple dropbox example

Let’s suppose you want to connect yawd-elfinder with your dropbox files. With django-dropbox installed and configured you could define the following at the bottom of your project’s main settings file:

from import ElfinderVolumeStorage

    'dropbox' : {
        'debug': True,
        'roots': [{
            'id' : 'd',
            'driver' : ElfinderVolumeStorage,
            'storageClass' : '',
            'keepAlive' : True,
            'cache' : 3600

Then you could use the dropbox optionset in your models as follows:

from elfinder.fields import ElfinderField

class MyModel(models.Model)
        file_ = ElfinderField(optionset='dropbox')

Please take a look the API for more information on this drivers’ usage and limitations.

Custom volume drivers

To expand the yawd-elfinder connectivity you can implement your own driver. It should simply extend elfinder.volumes.base.ElfinderVolumeDriver and implement all methods raising a NotImplementedError exception. To use your custom driver you must define a custom option set through the ELFINDER_CONNECTOR_OPTION_SETS setting, just like we did in the example above.